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Digital Debit Terms of Service



In addition to agreeing to PayPal User Agreement: https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/ua/useragreement-full

As your PayPal Application Solutions Provider, you agree to accept a non-refundable flat fee of 0.50 USD for the service of processing a receive Invoice Payment transaction of15.00 USD or more using the Digital Debit® application (for other currencies, see below). Our service will generate a monthly PayPal Invoice of fees due. If our service determines that a fees Invoice is overdue more than 7 days after transmission, Digital Debit® application services will be temporarily paused until the fees PayPal Invoice is marked as “Paid”. You understand and agree that you have the freedom to discontinue the use of the Digital Debit® application without any obligations. 

Acceptance of Terms. Before using our Services, please ensure that you have read all of the Terms carefully so that you understand what is expected of you through your use of our Services. If for any reason, you do not agree to any of the terms, then you should not access our Services, nor should you use any of the content or other services provided by us. All visitors to and users of our Services who browse the website, app or access it and use, or download, without any limitation, any information, communication, graphic, text, file, software audio file, and/or video file from our Services (or any other website or other form of product or service directly affiliated, controlled and/or owned by us), agrees to be bound by the Terms. You agree to indemnify Digital Debit Group | Qondado LLC, its partners and successors of any and all claims arising from your use of this service. You agree to discontinue use of our service as a remedy to your dissatisfaction and refusal to settle with your last service invoice. If you have a question about the monthly billing audit conducted by our automated system, you must contact our client support department with the bill period (a full month) export of your PayPal Invoice transactions and e-mail: business@digitaldebit.com.

We reserve at our sole discretion the right to amend or replace these Terms at any time. It will be the responsibility of you to review and become familiar with all such amendments or replacements. Accordingly, you should regularly check this page for any changes to the terms and conditions. Upon the posting of any amended or replaced terms and conditions on the website, such amended and/or replaced term or condition shall be effective immediately.

No rights are given to Qondado LLC Intellectual Property outside the provisions of this application.

Flat service fee rate of USD 0.50 is applied to each monthly transaction receiving above the following currency amount:

USD = 15.00
AUD = 20.83
BRL = 56.26
GBP = 11.54
CAD = 19.90
CZK = 336.17
DKK = 98.26
EUR = 13.16
HKD = 117.66
HUF = 4206
ILS = 55.38

INR = 1070
JPY = 1639
MXN = 284.86

MYR = 61
TWD = 462
NZD = 22.16
NOK = 128.11
PHP = 786.20
PLN = 56.47
RUB = 995.96
SGD = 20.33
SEK = 135.17
CHF = 14.90
THB = 474.36