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Introducing Libra Ads

With our planned Libra Ads feature, advertisers will be able to issue payable QR codes with their product packaging, print ads, YouTube videos or anywhere a QR code can be presented to a user.

Our users will be able to log into either Facebook or Twitter (not both) to scan these codes that allows them to earn Libra to allow the advertiser to make a post to their timeline about their product.

These codes will auto expire when either 1) the issue limit has been reached, or 2) 3 years after the QR is generated.

What this will create is a new organic way to invigorate consumer interaction with products. We don’t want to reveal too much about our plans before Mainnet is available, so we will share our initial plans for how our Libra Ads will work.

Here is a Digital Debit® Libra Ads QR

User see a Libra Ad and scan or upload it.

Here’s a flow-chart of how Digital Debit process the user’s scan

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