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Digital Debit powered by PayPal now in the Apple App Store.

We are excited to announce Digital Debit® powered by PayPal in now available in the Apple App Store for users in regions who want to pay and get paid in 25 currencies. We are working on one additional iOS release to add our Developer QR feature for our On Demand Purchasing platform feature (more info on this to come).

Digital Debit® on an iPod Touch

We are really excited to start showing our vision for advanced QR payment use cases and scenarios. We're confident that we've built the ultimate answer to personal mobile payments with our PayPal integration representing only the foundation to what will become a multi-tiered globally interoperable cashless system.

We would like to thank PayPal for providing a highly powerful and easy to use developer API that we're able to create our innovations upon.

We have some really innovative ideas moving mobile payments ahead in 2019 and beyond.

Install Digital Debit® today for iOS iPhone and iPad devices to pay and get paid in-person without needing to use e-mail or mobile numbers.

We are working on the Android version now, and looking forward to having it available later this year.

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