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Announcing our UnionPay International White Label for EMV-QR

We are happy to announce our White Label mobile app for global UnionPay International EMV-QR for Consumer and Merchant presentment modes.

We've found UPI issuers are seeking an easy way to digitize their UPI cards for QR transactions but don't have a clear strategy to integrate in their existing app or don't have an idea how to make the UPI QR into a consumer friendly user interface.

Our UPI White Label product is designed to offer a mobile interface standard for EMV-QR issuance, similar to the magstripe card format standard for physical issuers.

Vital information in our design comprises:

Device Number: UPI card number or Token

Tap hidden Expiration and CVV

UPI EMV-QR issued by UPI QR Code App Gateway API

This design will allow UPI card users to have easy access to their card information for online transactions and merchant security challenges as well as an instantly available EMV Consumer Presented and a flow for Merchant Presented. Client customers can manage their account using the Client's embedded web view portal.

Our clients will be granted a single organization license for iOS and Android and a managed AWS account agreement for the app services connected to App Gateway.

Please contact business[@]digitaldebit.com for more information.

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